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On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Tax Controversies |

The last thing a person wants to hear is that they are being audited. However, because tax issues can present themselves, individuals in New York could face penalties if the IRS believes that one failed to pay taxes owed, attempted to evade tax liabilities or committed tax fraud. Thus, it is important for individuals to understand how they could resolve these matters.

Dealing with tax controversies is anything but simple. These matters can get complex and overwhelming. This is especially true when one does not have the money to currently address late fees and penalties associated with the tax issues. At the Auerbach Law Group, P.C., we are available to assist taxpayers in the White Plains area resolve these matters.

Our law firm understands that life can get busy. One could fail to timely file their taxes or even make minor mistakes on their return. We take the time to uncover the cause of the issues at hand, helping one take action. In matters where a taxpayer is facing fines on top of delinquent taxes, our attorneys can help you reach a resolution to develop a payment plan to overcome these debts. And in matters where more serous penalties could result, such as a prison term, our law firm can help you assert a defense to help reduce or even eliminate these penalties.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s tax controversies website. No one expects to deal with tax issues; however, when they occur, they can be devastatingly difficult to manage. Therefore, individuals should explore their rights in these matters, allowing them to take the steps necessary to resolve these issues and protect their rights as well.