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Addressing a tax controversy

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Tax Controversies |

Tax problems can be overwhelming for most people who are facing them. When everyday people are facing a tax controversy or tax dispute, it is important to know what can be done and where those facing tax issues can turn. The possible consequences associated with tax controversies should not be taken lightly. Tax payers who find themselves caught up in them may face the challenges associated with tax issues on a daily basis.

Having tax delinquency, accumulating tax debt and facing harassment from the IRS and others can be stressful which is why help with tax problems is available and is something anyone facing a tax controversy should be familiar with. Those facing tax issue should understand the options available to them to help. Trained guidance through the process can be valuable and provide peace of mind.

Tax disputes and controversies tax payers may face can include state or federal tax audits; issues related to delinquent tax returns; tax levies; or tax liens; accusations of tax fraud; tax evasion penalty abatements; offers in compromise; collections; and appeals. It is important initially when facing a tax dispute or tax controversy to substantiate the amount of debt that is due and it may be necessary to have forensic accountants investigate as well, if needed.

To protect their rights and interests, tax payers should be familiar with the different types of tax issues they may face and how to resolve tax controversies and avoid potential tax penalties. Different resources are available to help tax payers facing tax-related challenges and the uneasiness that goes along with them.