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Some tax controversies may warrant going to court

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Tax Controversies |

Dealing with taxes is annoying at best and immensely complicated at worst. For some New York residents, their yearly tax journey may not end with simply filing their returns and receiving a refund or having a bit more taxes to pay. In some cases, the Internal Revenue Service could suspect an issue, and some taxpayers may have to handle tax controversies.

Though it is not a common occurrence for most people, some individuals may end up having to go to tax court over certain issues. If a person believes that the IRS has made a mistake with the results of an audit or with how much tax debt a person has, going to tax court may be necessary in order to clear up the problem. In such cases, the taxpayer, or petitioner in the case, has to provide evidence of his or her stance on the matter. The IRS may accept the information or present evidence to dispute the taxpayer’s records.

In tax cases, records play an immensely important role in the outcomes. If the IRS claims that a person owes a certain amount or has taken actions to defraud the government, having records that can dispute that information could help a person avoid negative outcomes. Petitioners can bring witnesses, provide various financial records or other documents to help support their stances, and have legal representation.

Having the option to address tax controversies in court can be helpful to those who believe that the IRS has made an error. Of course, going to court over any matter can be complicated, and having the right help can make a substantial difference in how smoothly a case moves forward. As a result, New York residents who are considering combating the outcomes of an audit or another tax controversy may want to go over their options with experienced attorneys.