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criminal/civil tax litigation Archives

Accusations of a tax-related crime, like fraud, can cause panic

Any type of criminal accusation can have lasting effects on a person's life. If a New York resident is accused of a tax-related crime, the situation can be immensely complicated. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to understand exactly where one went wrong when facing such charges, so understanding tax fraud may be important to someone facing such allegations.

Accusations of tax fraud do not mean a person is guilty

Filing taxes is complicated for most people. Though professionals are available to help, utilizing chain services does not always guarantee that mistakes will be avoided. In serious cases, some New York residents could face accusations of tax fraud if the Internal Revenue Service believes that taxpayers took intentional steps to avoid taxes.

When does the IRS Criminal Investigation Division step in?

Checking the mail every day is not usually a stressful experience for many New York residents. They expect to receive the usual junk mail, monthly bills and other items, but when an envelope addressed from the IRS arrives, they may experience a bit of anxiety. In most cases, this initial contact simply points out what the agency believes is an error, and taking care of the issue may not be too cumbersome. However, sometimes, the agency's Criminal Investigation Division becomes involved, and this is where many people may begin to panic.

Criminal charges result from sales tax issues

Money problems can quickly spiral out of control. Some people may begin to have financial troubles and soon feel unable to handle important matters, such as paying taxes. Unfortunately, if New York residents are suspected of not properly handling their tax-related matters, criminal charges could result.

Man moves forward with civil tax litigation over tax withholding

Tax matters are not always easy to handle. Some people may believe that a mistake has occurred with their return or the withholding of their taxes, and though they may think that making the Internal Revenue Service aware of the issue would be enough, that is not always the case. In some instances, civil tax litigation is necessary.

Accusations of tax evasion can lead to criminal tax litigation

With tax season well underway, many New York residents may be feeling the stress of handling their financial matters correctly. Of course, some people may be feeling more concern than others, especially if they have come under suspicion of tax evasion. If the government suspects that a person has attempted to evade filing or paying taxes, criminal tax litigation could result.

Improperly reporting cryptocurrency could lead to tax litigation

New York residents who are financially savvy may have jumped into the cryptocurrency game at its inception. Whether individuals have participated in crypto trades, mining, sales or other related activities, those actions may have become lucrative endeavors. Still, it is important to remember that if individuals do not report that income on their taxes, they could end up facing tax litigation.

Criminal tax litigation is likely for accusations of tax evasion

Dealing with taxes can be complicated for any New York resident. Filing the right forms, including the right information and paying taxes as dictated by the government can be complicated. Unfortunately, some people may end up facing criminal tax litigation if they are accused of tax evasion.

Couple, and their attorney, face federal tax charges

A couple who has a history of running into controversy with the IRS is now facing criminal allegations of tax evasion and conspiracy to defraud the government. Both the couple and the attorney are facing years in prison.

Overview of the federal crime of tax obstruction

There has been a lot of talk about obstruction in the media these days. In running speech, obstruction refers to the effort of one person unfairly refusing to let another person, or institution, do his or her job.

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