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Posts tagged "Federal And State Tax Collections"

Missed due date could leave taxpayers facing collections

A mix-up with information or even forgetfulness can be a serious problem when dealing with the IRS. Some New York residents may think that they have everything in order only to realize later -- maybe due to a notice from the IRS -- that they did not handle a tax-related matter appropriately. Unfortunately, this could result in their facing collections for unpaid taxes.

Filing taxes ahead of time could help avoid errors, collections

For some New York residents, it can sometimes seem like tax season drags on. This year, that feeling is more of a reality because the tax filing deadline was extended. However, that deadline is coming up soon, and taxpayers will certainly want to ensure that they have their information and documentation in order to avoid issues that could lead to collections in the future.

Various options could help taxpayers facing collections

Having debt, especially debt associated with unpaid taxes, can cause a considerable burden on any New York resident's life. Back taxes can lead to notice letters, wage garnishment and other efforts from the IRS to collect on the debt. These actions can lead to a considerable amount of stress, and individuals in this predicament may wonder how they can stop collections.

Facing collections for tax debt make some vulnerable to scams

Facing any type of financial debt is difficult. It can weigh on anyone's mind and leave people constantly wondering what to do. Some New York residents may face collections due to having tax-related debt, and this type of debt may bring about even more stress and anxiety. As a result, some people may look for relief anywhere.

Tax collections could stem from filing mistakes

Mistakes on tax forms are not necessarily uncommon. It can be complicated to file taxes correctly, even with the help of software or professionals. Of course, while some mistakes may have little consequence, others could lead the IRS to believe that a person owes more taxes than he or she paid, which could lead to tax collections.

Do not ignore a collections letter from the IRS

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is often nerve-wracking. Even if taxpayers do their best to file their taxes correctly, they may still worry about making mistakes and facing the wrath of the IRS. In some cases, New York residents may end up facing collections from the IRS for unpaid taxes.

CNC status may help with tax collection efforts

Financial issues can have far-reaching effects, and any New York resident could feel those effects in various areas of his or her life. Money problems can cause mental and physical health concerns, and when individuals are facing tax collection on top of their other debt issues, they may feel even more overwhelmed. Fortunately, some people may be able to take advantage of assistance with collection efforts.

Collections for tax debt do not have to go on forever

Paying taxes seems like a burden to most New York residents and those around the country. Though people may grumble at the amount withheld from their paychecks, they may feel relieved when they receive a refund. Unfortunately, everyone is not lucky enough to obtain a refund, and some may owe significant amounts. This type of ordeal can be difficult for some people, and they may face collections for tax debt.

What is the federal tax collection process?

Owing taxes is fairly commonplace for residents in New York and elsewhere. While many individuals and families prepare for paying taxes each year, for some, this can be extremely burdensome for those struggling financially. Not paying taxes due could result in penalties and could initiate the collection process. However, many are not aware of what this process entails and what options they might have.

Helping you resolve tax collection issues

The New Year brings many things, one of which is the delivery of tax documentation for individuals and businesses. While this is commonplace for many in New York and elsewhere, for some, it can be challenging to consider the next filing year when one has not made payment on a previous tax year. Whether one is delinquent in paying taxes or is seeking to obtain an extension, it is important that individuals and business owners understand their options to avoid tax collection.

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