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Do You Need Employment Law Solutions?

Employment matters can effect your work environment and the success and stability of your organization. An employment lawyer at the Auerbach Law Group, P.C., can help you with employment contracts and protect you from expensive employment disputes. We are also available to assist executives in negotiating contracts.

We are dedicated to helping both employers and employees protect their legal interests and rights. We make sure that you understand your rights and obligations before you make important employment-related decisions.

Contact the Auerbach Law Group, P.C., for more information on employment law questions or to speak with an attorney regarding your employment law matter.

Our Approach To Employment Law

We approach employment contracts with the skills of a large firm and the attentiveness to detail that only a small firm can provide.

Whether you are an employer looking to start an employment relationship with a new executive or a potential employee wondering if you should accept the offer, we draft and review executive contracts including non-compete agreements and confidentiality agreements.

If you already have a contract and think you may be dealing with a breach of contract issue or have a contract dispute over wages or other compensation, we have the negotiation proficiency to resolve the dispute.

If you have decided to end the employment relationship, we prepare appropriate termination agreements, including Golden Parachute or Golden Handcuffs provisions.

We also assist with complicated employment litigation and other business law issues.

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An attentive and detail-oriented attorney at the Auerbach Law Group, P.C., would be happy to meet with you regarding your employment law matter. Please send us an email through our website or call 914-686-7171 to schedule an initial consultation or case evaluation.