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Are You Facing A Tax Controversy?

If you are facing a tax controversy, it is imperative to contact a lawyer right away. With our assistance, you can prevent harassment from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and stop the accumulation of tax debt. At the Auerbach Law Group, P.C., we are dedicated to providing guidance our clients need to resolve their tax issues.

If the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS or the New York State Attorney’s General or your local District Attorneys’ office is investigating your case, our criminal tax advisor will be an asset to your defense. Please contact the Auerbach Law Group, P.C., for more information on tax law and evading penalties by the IRS .

What Can Be Done?

We work hard to protect your rights and your legal interests.

We will investigate the actual amount of your debt and, if necessary, will challenge figures provided by the government. We ensure that accountant-attorney Lee David Auerbach can substantiate the actual numbers. When needed, we will bring in a group of expert forensic accountants to investigate.

Supplying the correct figures may resolve the matter without further inquiry. At the Auerbach Law Group, P.C., we assist taxpayers with:

  • State and federal tax audits, including egg shell audits
  • Appeals
  • Collections
  • Offers in compromise
  • Delinquent tax returns
  • Tax levies
  • Tax liens
  • Accusations of tax fraud
  • Tax evasion penalty abatements

If you need experienced and skillful representation with any domestic civil or criminal taxpayer dispute or tax controversy, please contact our offices for an initial consultation or case evaluation or call 914-686-7171.