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Tax issues can lead to complicated criminal and civil litigation

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Criminal/Civil Tax Litigation |

The Internal Revenue Service is one of the most dreaded of all public institutions in America. When the IRS comes calling for civil tax concerns — usually with a letter sent via regular US mail – a person’s heart can sink. Were taxes left unpaid?

Was income overlooked and not reported? Whatever the situation, a person who has a civil tax issue with the IRS may be facing a significant amount of back taxes and potential penalties and fines.

Now, imagine if the IRS comes calling about a criminal tax matter. A person’s dread can be magnified exponentially. Most people in America know that tax evasion is a crime. Fortunately, there is a degree of willfulness that must be proven before a person can be convicted of a tax-related crime.

When it comes to tax-related issues, whether they are civil or criminal in nature, some level of litigation may be involved in the case. However, that doesn’t mean that New York residents who are facing these issues should completely put aside the ability to attempt to negotiate with investigators and prosecutors. The ability to communicate on the same terms with IRS representatives can make or break a person’s legal issues.

At our law firm, we have invested years of experience in communicating with IRS representatives and attempting to find the best resolution to our clients’ issues. When the time comes, we try to make sure that our clients have the best legal information about their own unique circumstances. For more information, please visit the criminal/civil tax litigation section of our law firm’s website.